Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Windows, Countertops, and Candy Jars

Last week was a week full of exciting little milestones. Most exciting was the day Moe Marketing came out to the store to jazz up our window displays. I cannot say enough good things about these ladies!! They did a fabulous job and were so much fun to work with! I even had a customer stop by yesterday saying, "I know you're not open yet but your windows just drew me in. I have to know when you're opening!" That is so nice to hear! If you're in the need of some fresh marketing ideas, you have to get in touch with Moe Marketing! Very reasonable and worth every penny!

Moe installing our vinyl window display
Lynette hanging Laurie's window display frame

I Am What I Am

Bliss Eleven

More good news! Our countertops were installed yesterday! Yay! Our store candy jar has a home :) Jolly Ranchers for everyone :)

Thanks for stopping by :) ~Jessi


  1. The windows look great! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing put together!