Monday, June 20, 2011

We LOVE Local Artists!

In fact, we only carry local artisans items in our store! Did you know that our artists also work in our store? It's nice to know when you purchase something that you can speak to and get to know the person that created it. Each of our artists pays special attention to detail and puts a lot of love into their work for you, our customers and friends. We'll be introducing you to our artists and crafters over the next few weeks. Please take a few moments and enjoy a little Q&A with our artisans to learn more about them and what goes into the fabulous works they create!

Patricia Sims of Mariposa Home

What do you create?
I create home fragrance and personal care products.Otherwise known as... candles, bath & body!

What goes into making your home fragrance and personal care products?
A lot of attention to detail, love and devotion. A lot of what I do is very similar to baking. You have to gather your products together and the ratio of ingredients has to be just right! You have to care about the product because people are going to put it on their bodies. Women are very conscience about their looks and their skin. All the items for bath and body that I create with have to be sterilized. I put down a lot of plastic to protect the area(s) that I am working in. I do not have anyone around while I am creating the product. I wear a hair net and an apron, short sleeves and gloves. sometimes I look like I'm in a HAZMAT suit! LOL! Just me the product and my mp3 player...I use a lot of natural products. shea butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, beeswax...all that good ole' stuff that's good for your skin! I try to put very little preservatives in my line. It is something that you have to be conscience of. A lot of products out there on the market that we buy everyday is full of mostly preservatives. For example, most "soap" that you buy commercially isn't really soap, it's detergent. Next time you purchase a bar of soap, look at the label. If you can't pronounce the ingredients then you shouldn't put it on your skin that goes for lotion too. The preservatives are there so that they can keep it on the shelf 'til infinity. You have no way of knowing when it was created  or how long it's been there.
   With candles, it's different. It's fragrance, wax, wick, color and a little bit of science. Candle wax has to be heated to a certain temperature then cooled and then poured. If you add fragrance too soon, it may not throw correctly when it's re-burned. If you let it cool down to cold then it won't throw either. If you use the wrong wick size the candle won't burnt correctly. All the candles have to be tested first. I'm lucky enough that I can feel the wax and know when it's time to pour. It's a little creepy to my husband that I can do that but it's just because I've been doing it for so long. My body just feels the truth. 

What is your bestseller?
My best sellers are...Pink Sugar, Bartlett Pear, Clean Cotton, Mango Papaya in the candles. With the bath and body side, my lip gloss sells well, body butter..and body frosting, bath bombs.

What do you enjoy most about selling your handmade goods?
I like to make people happy with the merchandise that I make. I love the response, "wow, you made that"? It never gets old!

Do you take custom orders?
Sure! I can always customize a candle color to fit your decor. I can scent any color candle with any fragrance that you would want. Sometimes, I will pour a candle into something that someone wants me to but there are several things to consider so it depends on the vessel. Not all vessels are appropriate for candle wax. Regarding bath and body, if there is a fragrance that you would want that I don't carry, I can always try to get it for you. I love to make favors for showers and weddings. I love to help a bride create a custom look for her that!

Who are you outside of the business?
I wish I was someone really cool like Wonder Woman or and X-Men like Storm or Jean Grey! Alas, I am not those things. But what I am though is a wife, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a sister-in-law, a great aunt and a great, great aunt! I am a writer, a survivor and a go getter. I have a very large family. I am the youngest of 10 and one of only two girls in my immediate family. Both parents are deceased. I have 5 brothers (3 deceased) and 1 sister..(that's all you need LOL!) I have lots of friends of various different ages and backgrounds. People fascinate me. I love meeting new people.  My day job is social media and internet marketing. My hobbies run DEEP!!! I love to scrapbook, I sew, I love photography, home decor, painting, shopping on the internet, reading, I'm a huge movie buff, and I love, love music. All types of music. I have a recording studio in my house! So yes, I love music.

Why do you buy handmade?
I buy handmade because I know that somebody loved up on the product that I purchased. I know that someone's unique style and presence is made aware because I chose to honor their work by using it, wearing it, etc. Art is very subjective so if it speaks to you then you probably have something in common with the person who created it and I like that as well. You are buying into a person's dream, a person's passion. That is never a bad thing. 

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Thanks for stopping by! :) ~Jessi

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