Monday, June 27, 2011

We LOVE Local Artists!!

In fact, we only carry local artisans items in our store! Did you know that our artists also work in our store? It's nice to know when you purchase something that you can speak to and get to know the person that created it. Each of our artists pays special attention to detail and puts a lot of love into their work for you, our customers and friends. We'll be introducing you to our artists and crafters over the next few weeks. Please take a few moments and enjoy a little Q&A with our artisans to learn more about them and what goes into the fabulous works they create!

Resources for Human Development

RHD-Missouri has been providing services to people with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis area since May 2008. In February of 2009, RHD opened its first arts-based day program, Blank Canvas Studios, in St. Charles. In response to the overwhelming success of this studio, RHD opened Fine Line Studios, located in Bridgeton, in December 2010. Both studios' mission is to provide individuals labeled with developmental disabilities with the tools and materials to create art. Every artist is encouraged to express themselves as they wish. To sum up what the art program is all about, Barb K. says,"I get to do my own thing, be myself.

Individuals who participate in the art program are given the opportunity to show and sell their work in art shows held by RHD-Missouri, in the local community, and through I Am What I Am on Main Street. With each piece of art sold, the artist receives 80% of the sale.

You can follow RHD-MO through their website and in our store:

Thanks for stopping by! :) ~Jessi

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