Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We LOVE Local Artists!!

In fact, we only carry local artisans items in our store! Did you know that our artists also work in our store? It's nice to know when you purchase something that you can speak to and get to know the person that created it. Each of our artists pays special attention to detail and puts a lot of love into their work for you, our customers and friends. We'll be introducing you to our artists and crafters over the next few weeks. Please take a few moments and enjoy a little Q&A with our artisans to learn more about them and what goes into the fabulous works they create!
Beqi Brinqhorst of Beqi Clothing

What do you create?
Handmade clothing, silkscreened tees, hair accessories, and jewelry from vintage and commercial supplies.
What is your bestseller?
Most of what I make is one of a kind, but my asymmetrical necklaces made from recycled vintage jewelry parts tend to go quickly.
What goes into making your jewelry?
I find used vintage jewelry and beads from all over; Upcycle Exchange, estate sales, even customers sometimes bring me pieces.  I dissemble them and use them in new combinations.
What do you enjoy most about selling your handmade goods?
That I am lucky enough to do what I love for a living.

Do you take custom orders?
I generally don't, but I'm always open to discussion.
Who are you outside of the business?
Mother, wife, former rock singer, painter, lover of Mad Men and Tim Gunn.  I have many friends, but no day job.  Beqi Clothing is my life.
Why do you buy handmade?
Because it doesn't fall apart the minute I take it home, I won't see everyone and their mother wearing one, and I don't have to feel guilty for contributing to sweatshops.
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Thanks for stopping by! :) ~Jessi


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